HS Fight club your story blog post 1


“Hi everyone. 29 year old British HS warrior here. I have had this disabling, painful disease for 8 years now and I’ve tried ALL antibiotics under the sun (literally) and I’ve just got immune to them all. Currently on Humira, had my first 4 doses on the 1st November, so far so good. I have abscesses/ sever scarring under both armpits, under the left breast and at the back of my neck, because of having this condition for so long, I do have depression and anxiety.

I am on the waiting list for an operation, where the surgeon makes an incision (back of neck) and drains all of the bad stuff out and then they pack the wound…. I’ve heard good things of a fellow HS warrior so hopefully this will help me in the long run.” - IG: @hs_invisible_illness