Sponsored Packages & Prices

Sponsored PAckage 1

- 2 Instagram Story Posts (1 photo, 1 video)
- Full deposit due before post is made

$250 One time fee

Sponsored package 2

- 5 professional images taken by a professional photographer showing scars
- 2 Instagram Story Post (1 Photo, 1 video)
- 1 Instagram Feed Post (Photo)
- 50% Deposit due before

$375 per hour, 3 hour minimum

Sponsored package 3

-1 Full month of targeted adds (4 weeks)
- Combination of both videos and photos
- 3 posts per week (1 feed post, 2 story posts)
-Content Planner
- 50% deposit due


Paid collaborations with both Novartis and AbbVie

More information about branding packages 1-3


All packages will be tailored to fit your brands needs and requirements.

Branding Package 1- This will be a 2 post collaboration. 1 instagram story video talking about the product or company. 1 instagram story post smiling, engaging in an activity, holding the product,etc. A full deposit is required up front for this package. Date of post is up to client/ company.
Branding Package 2- This will be 3 post collaboration. 2 Instagram story posts similar to package 1, but in addition this will include a Instagram Feed post (Photo). You will also receive a gallery of 5 professional images for your own use. This is a great collaboration package if you want to create your own content outside of what I post.
Branding Package 3- This will be a 12 post collaboration. 3 posts per week for 4 weeks. We will create a content planner together and thoroughly decide how each post is created and when it will be posted. A 50% deposit is required upfront to begin.

In paid collaboration with…..

For all medical companies I will have to use the instagram handle “In Paid Collaboration with….” To secure the audience knows that I was paid to make this post. It’s important to not spread false information and infor the audience this is what YOUR company says about YOUR products or medicine.

All packages can be tweaked based on brands needs

Talking about HS is a tricky thing and each medical company, hospital, clinic, and marketing company requires different things. Please let me know if none of these rates or packages fit your needs and we will come up with rates and packages that work for both of us.