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11-3-21 DIARY ENTRY #1


I picked a funny day to start this blog. I’m about to start my period, my BO has been crazy for the past two days, and I have a big lump under my left breast. Yeah. HS at it’s finest. Today I launched a whole instagram, this website, and a blog for HS and although this is an amazing thing I’m doing all I could caption diary entry #1 was “this shit sucks”. Cause quite frankly this shit does suck. The pain is crazy. I’m sitting up typing right now, my chest isn’t moving at all YET I can still feel pain jet through the abscess from my finger tips typing,…. Like what the hell. HS has taken so much of my life. But that’s what this blog is for. - IG: @Hala_TheHustler

P.S I’m about to sign with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world. To answer your follow up question to that statement…… I’m scared as hell. I’m scared HS is going to make the top brands not work with me, or even the agency regret sending me this contract.